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1998 R Reg Rover 114 GSi

John was delighted to find this super Rover 114 at a sensible price.

Rover Metro Rio

This lovely low mileage Metro Rio was spotted by Frank as the ideal classic for his wife and is now living a new life in the South West.

Mini Flame Red

I am hoping to see this rare little Mini around an about as the new owner lives very nearby.

Rover Mini Cooper 1.3 MPi

Existing customer Gareth regretted selling his old Mini Cooper he bought from us and was keen to get his hands on another as soon as he could. He knew this Mini was right for him as soon as he saw it ! 

1968 F Reg Wolseley Hornet

This great project was spotted by Alan who is planning a full restoration of this little car.

1987 VW Scirocco 1600 GT

Sold at auction, this lovely VW has found a new home in South Wales.

1995 N Reg Rover 111 GSi

Having bought a car previously from Stockley Classics, Alfie was keen to strike a deal for this lovely low-mileage Rover, and he headed off to Hereford this weekend with his new purchase. 

2003 52 reg BMW Mini Cooper S

This lovely low mileage and low owners R53 Mini Cooper S is off to a new home at the end of January.  

2001 51 reg MGF Trophy 160

David was keen to view this super MGF and was very impressed after his test drive. A deal was struck very quickly and the MG found a new home in Northamptonshire.

1979 T reg Ford Fiesta 950L

This super rare Mk1 Fiesta was purchased by an existing customer who was very impressed with its originality and checked seat covers

1998 S reg Jaguar XK8

This car came with a huge and comprehensive service history and is heading North to Scotland in the hands of its new owner in the New Year.

1976 P reg Mini Stripey

Sold to an existing customer, this super rare Mini special edition is off to a new home in Wilmslow.

2001 51 reg MG ZT 190+

This superb ZT was whisked off to a new home in Derbyshire by its new owner after an enjoyable test drive.  

1997 P reg Ford Ka2
Paul travelled up from the Midlands to view this very early Ford Ka2 and was delighted by what he saw.   
1989 F reg Rover Mini 30
Daniel is planning a full restoration for this little chap in the near future.
Austin Mini Racing Green
Special Edn

When the new owner spotted this Mini for sale on line, it was love at first sight and a deal was quickly agreed to find this great Mini a new home. 
2011 61 Reg Honda CRZ GT
Having owned one of these super CRZs previously, I decided that this would make a great daily for me over the winter. Quick, reliable, and cheap to run - what's not to like ?

Pete had been looking for one of these for a while and so was delighted to find this example just down the road from where he lives.
1988 F reg Mercedes 190
Sold at auction - this lovely Merc has found a new home in Ireland.  
1989 MG Metro Turbo Mk 2 Project
Sold for a friend, this Metro will hopefully live again once restored
Mini Scamp Project
A family in the Midlands have taken on this project to restore it to its former glory.
1985 MG
Metro Turb
Sold on behalf of a friend, this rare MG Metro headed up to Teeside to start a new life in the North East.
Citroën Xsara
Coupé VTS

As a Citröen enthusiast, Robin was delighted to be able to purchase this Xsara which will be his daily runaround.  
2005 JaguarS Type 2.5 SE Auto

Chris saw this Jaguar for sale and once he saw it he was smitten !

Austin Mini Special

This rare Mini Special found a new home in Chester and the new owner is looking forward to getting out and about in it before winter. 

Mini Cooper S

Ted and Nick were delighted to pick up their Mini Cooper S and are looking forward to zipping around the lanes of Cheshire in style.

1975 MGB

The new owner really loved the originality of this car and is looking forward to reliving a previous MGB love. 

1983 Y reg Mini City E 

This super solid City E sold very quickly to an existing customer to add to his Mini collection. 

VW Scirocco 1.8GT


Sold at auction in April 2023, this VW was a great buy for a lucky someone.

Mini Roadster


It's off to a new life in sunny Mexico for this cheeky chap.

Citröen 2CV Dolly


The 2CV has now left Stockley Classics for a new life in Manchester - ideal for zooming around the city centre!

Austin Mini 30 Special Edition

Sold on behalf of an existing customer, this little chap will be off to Mexico very soon for a new life in the sun.

1993 Rover Metro Rio

Alfie and his mate Eric travelled up from Hereford to pick up Alfie's new purchase - this super 15k mile Metro Rio. Happy Metro-Motoring, Alfie!

1983 Austin Metro

Allan was looking for an early Metro, so he was delighted to find this completely unmolested example on-line. He was able to trade in his Rover Metro and then travelled North to Preston in his new purchase. Happy Metroing Allan! 

Mini Scamp
George was looking for a winter project - and this was perfect for him. Good luck, George!
Austin Metro 1.3L
Ruben was delighted with his purchase - his first car is a classic!
Rover Mini 30
And it's off to a new home in Cheltenham in the hands of Paul and Ellie who loved the originality of this cheeky chappy.
VW Polo Parade Coupe

Percy the Polo found a new home with Olly very soon after listing and is off to live down south.

1982 Y reg Austin Metro Vanden Plas Auto

Sold at auction, this posh Metro will be off to its new home very shortly. 

1986 C reg FordFiesta 1.4S

Another classic sold at auction, this Fiesta was super original and a great buy for someone.

1981 MGB

This MGB sold very quickly and is off to a new life in Ireland.

1993 K reg Rover Mini 

British Open Classic


Andy was very pleased with his new purchase which will share space with his other classic - a very nice MGB.

Austin Mini City


This cheeky chap was sold very soon after coming into stock and has a loving new owner.

Morris Mini 1000

Really sorry to see this one go. Not sure I will ever find another one in this colour. But I cant keep them all !! 

Rover 216 GSi Auto


Another car sold at auction in April, this Rover is an excellent example of the marque having only covered 25k miles from new. 

Rover Mini Cooper SPi 

Another Mexico-bound Mini! We sold this Mini shortly after advertising and it has now started its journey to a new life!

1998 MGF VVC

Nathan was pleased to find this MG online and is planning a full restoration - just what the car deserves!

1965 Morris Minor

Peter was delighted when he gave this lovely car a thorough inspection before giving in to temptation!

Citröen Saxo VTR

This hot hatch left for a new life in Blackpool where the new owner is planning a full restoration.

Ford P100 Pickup
Ford fan, Wayne, travelled all the way from Norfolk to view and take home this super P100. 
Austin Mini City E
This super original Mini has now been collected by Gareth who is planning a few subtle upgrades over the winter.
Austin Mini City E
The Mini is off to a new life in Shrewsbury in the hands of its new owner Dan.
Vauxhall Astra Mk3 1400 GLS
Sold at auction. A super example which I hope the new owner cherishes. 
Ford Focus ST170

Paul travelled all the way from Co Durham to secure the purchase of this fantastic ST170. Being a Fast Ford fan, he knew exactly what he was looking for!

Ford Mondeo ST200
The new owner of this ST200 is planning a full restoration, so hopefully we will see this Fast Ford returned to full glory soon.

MG Metro Mk 1

Kira and Ian headed back to Northumberland to start the restoration of this MG Metro project. Good luck with this renovation!

Mini 850

This rare early MK3 Mini 850 headed off down south following its sale. The new owner is planning a light restoration so he can use it later on this year.

Honda Insight

Stuart was looking for something quirky and economical - so this little Honda fitted the bill perfectly! Happy motoring, Stuart!

Rover Mini Cooper SPi

This cheeky chap left for a new home in Nottingham. Let's hope the new custodian, Gareth enjoys driving it as much as I did.


Once Ian had taken a test drive with the roof down and the wind in his hair, the MGB was sold! A lovely little car for summer motoring.

Austin Mini City E Project

Josh is looking forward to renovating this classic Mini project and I'm looking forward to seeing progress as it returns to life.

Rover Mini Cooper

Sold before I even had a chance to advertise it!  This Mini has now found a new home down south.

Austin Mini Mayfair

Joe was delighted with the originality and history with this Mini, and it was love at first sight!

Austin Metro Mayfair

What a fantastic example of the marque! This Metro was sold at auction and I trust the new custodian will cherish it.

MG Metro Mk1

This rare MG was sold to my friends at Mini Medics in Stoke, who plan a full renovation - just what this car deserves. If you're tempted, let them know.

British Open Classic


James bought this super little mini, and he is looking forward to nipping around the local lanes near Warrington in his new purchase. 

VW Polo Parade

I would have loved one of these when I was 17...but it hadn't been invented yet! However, this is the be Mike's first car as he turns 17 - lucky him!

Rover Mini Cooper

Following a full recommissioning and MOT, this lovely Mini Cooper is off to Northern Ireland for a new life. Have fun, Trevor!

Rover 114 GSi

Stuart was delighted with his new Rover 114 GSi. He lives in Liverpool so hopefully I will be seeing him at some local classic car shows in 2022. 

Austin Mini 1000 Auto


Barely listed before sold, this 1980 V reg Classic Mini 1000 Super Automatic. Russet Brown with contrasting deckchair stripey interior now has a new home in the North of Scotland. 

VW Scirocco GT

If you wanted a Scirocco, then I'm afraid that you have missed this gorgeous example.

Next time, perhaps!

Rover 25 Commerce

This rare van was barely in the door before it was sold to a growing business in Stoke where it will be used as a parts delivery and pickup vehicle.

Rover 100 Ascot

Sam was quick on the draw when this little Rover was advertised, and secured his new car with a deposit within 10 mins of it going up for sale.

Toyota MR2 GT 16v

The buyer of this little beauty fell in love at first sight, and when assessed by their mechanic, there was no fault found! 

Austin Mini 1000

We're sorry to see this bright little minx leave our fold, as it made us smile whenever we saw it! Now its new owner gets the benefit of a smile a minute!

Austin Mini City

This charming and original Mini City is off to Liverpool to be Charlie's new pride and joy.

Ford Fiesta MK5 Zetec S 

Joe was the first person to see this great example of a Zetec S Fiesta...and bought it! Lucky him!

Austin Mini 25

This Mini is off to Nottingham following its quick sale - if you are looking for something similar,  e-mail me and I'll let you know when I have one available.

Rover 216 GTi Twin Cam 3 door

Connor was delighted to take delivery of his new daily last week - a rare 3 door Rover 216 GTi Twin Cam.

Having out-grown his Mini 25, he was ready for a change and the GTi fits the bill perfectly.

BMW 320i SE

Dave couldn't believe his luck in finding this well priced gem. It was love at first sight and he is now suaving around the north west in his new wheels.

Austin Mini City E

When the previous buyer moved to a house with no garage, I bought this back after nearly a year and now it has a happy new keeper in the North West of England.
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